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Hi there and thank you for choosing Malaysian Journal of Science (MJS). Interested to submit your research paper? Visit our About the Journal page for section policies and read on the Author Guidelines. New user ? Come register with us and then drop your manuscript to us. Better yet, you have already registered? Just simply log in and lets start with the hassle-free submission! 


    1. Malaysian Journal of Science (MJS) welcomes submission of original articles, review articles, case report and short communications in the field of life & physical sciences. Manuscripts and reviews dealing with engineering and pure computer simulation without any parallel comparison with experimental data are discouraged. 

    2. As MJS is an open access journal, the submitted manuscript need to score low similarity index (SI) by Turnitin screening. The standard SI score for MJS is 15%, hence any submission with SI exceeding 15% will be automatically declined. 

    3. Upon submission, author must nominate minimum two (2) potential reviewers. Kindly submit the nominations list with their name, institutional email address and research interests. The use of domain e mail such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail is not encouraged unless they are the secondary email address supplied together with the institutional e mail address. Importantly, the potential reviewers must be a non member of author's institution and must not have published a paper with the author/co-authors for the past 5 years.

    4. MJS levies an Article Publishing Charge (APCs) of USD52 for each article accepted for publication. Any delay or forfeiture of the APCs will result in the retraction of the article to be published.

    5. MJS follows a double-blind peer review policy where reviewer will be anonymous to author and vice versa. Thus, author will need to submit the followings:

      • Blinded manuscript (for reviewer perusal)
        Consists only title, abstract, introduction, experimental section (materials and methodology), results & discussions, conclusion, acknowledgements and references in APA referencing style. 

      • Title Page (for journal manager perusal)
        Consists only title, author/co-authors name, affiliation, email address (corresponding author email must be denoted with asterisk * sign), abstract and keywords.  The affiliation should include department, institution, city and country/state.

    6. Submission must be made online to MJS where manual submission through email is no longer practised and processed.

Best wishes,
MJS Admin.