Organisational Culture in Indonesian Schools During COVID-19: Perceptions of School Principals

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Jenny Ngo


This study investigates and identifies the organizational culture of Indonesian schools during COVID-19 through the lens of principals. We collected survey data from 93 applications of the OCAI instrument. Our data analysis results show that Indonesian schools’ organizational culture is a unique blend of the four cultural types, with clan and hierarchy culture dominating, followed by adhocracy and, to a lesser extent, market culture. The most commonly ingrained concepts in the culture are job security and internal stability, coordination to ensure the smooth operation of online education, school commitment to innovation in online education, and school management through collaboration and teamwork. Our findings offer insights regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic transformed or changed the organizational culture of schools in Indonesia, which can be used to respond quickly to the Merdeka Belajar (Independent Learning) policy and enhance school performance in the post-COVID-19 pandemic.


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