Mobility, Mutual Recognition and ASEAN Community Building: The Road to Sustainable ASEAN Integration (doi: 10.14425/jice.2017.6.2.105)

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Roger Y Chao Jr.


This paper analyses the role of international mobility and mutual recognition to regional community building in the ASEAN region by reviewing policy documents and international student mobility statistics. ASEAN policy directives have evolved from regional economic cooperation to ASEAN Community building despite the limited mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) on professional services, and low and unbalanced intra- ASEAN student mobility. However the non-ratification of the 2011 UNESCO Asia and Pacific Recognition Convention, and the slow implementation of various regional frameworks supporting the establishment of an ASEAN Higher Education Area have limited the potential contribution of mobility and mutual recognition to the ASEAN Community building project. Recommendations to enhance its contribution includes expanding and implementing ASEAN MRAs to all professional disciplines, the development and institutionalisation of an ASEAN quality assurance system, promoting a balanced intra-ASEAN mobility, and ratification and implementation of the 2011 UNESCO Asia and Pacific Recognition Convention (Tokyo Convention).


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