Using Digital Tools to Address Pedagogical and Linguistic Challenges in a Sino-Foreign Undergraduate Program

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Felix Goodbody


The growth of Sino-foreign cooperative universities, departments and courses in China necessitates further discussion of how to develop teaching approaches that suit students attending these institutions. Despite substantial analysis of the commercial dimensions of Sino-foreign university partnerships, discussion of effective teaching strategies within these settings remains underdeveloped. This paper shares the author’s experience of developing and delivering a Western civilization course to 210 students attending a Sino-foreign undergraduate program at a Chinese university over the course of one academic year. Specific attention is paid to how digital tools can be used to address the challenges of unfamiliar teaching styles, limited language comprehension, and the lack of prior exposure to course content. Student feedback and anecdotal observations are drawn upon to underscore the potential utility of certain digital course aids deployed in the classroom and lecture hall, as well as being accessible to students through an online platform.


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