I do it Better: How Social and Emotional Learning Environment Enhances Assessment for Learning Strategies in Science Classrooms

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Renuka V. Sathasivam
Suzieleez Syrene Abdul Rahim


This paper describes part of a more extensive national study on Malaysian teachers’ classroom assessment practices. The main study used a priori coding framework containing four-level performance ratings (i.e., Distinguish, Proficient, Basic, and Unsatisfactory). The findings revealed that a large majority of teachers’ practices were at an unsatisfactory level. Among the 30 science teachers, only two teachers were categorised at the Basic level; the rest were at the unsatisfactory level. The present study used a qualitative approach to compare two teachers at basic and unsatisfactory levels and investigated if teachers’ social and emotional competencies (SEC) affect the implementation of three Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies. Three video recordings for each teacher were the main source of data. The findings revealed that the teacher with SEC increased student engagement. The research findings have implications on educational assessment policy and, particularly, teacher education programmes to incorporate elements of SEC to improve teachers’ AfL skills.


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