Corporate Universities and Corporation- University Partnerships in Thailand: Complementing Education in Learning, Leadership and Change (doi: 10.14425/JICE.2017.6.1.1732)

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Oliver S. Crocco
Maria Cseh
Dollaya Hemmapattawe


With an estimated workforce of 285 million and the establishment of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Economic Community in 2015, ASEAN faces vast challenges in human resource development (HRD) and higher education. These challenges in Thailand have resulted in the rise of corporate universities and corporation-university partnerships. Corporate partnerships in education adapt quickly to industry needs and are increasingly popular and complementary to traditional higher education. This research looks at one corporate university and one corporation-university partnership to investigate how, if at all, corporate universities and partnerships address HRD issues such as adult learning, leadership development, organisational change, corporate social responsibility (CSR), as well as ethical and global issues. This research finds initial evidence that corporate educational strategies address a variety of HRD issues and have the potential to revolutionise and complement higher education in Thailand in a way that drives the nation toward a more sustainable future.


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