Evaluating the work of Singapore's Malay-based Organisations in Raising the Educational Attainment of the Ethnic Community: A Continuing Analysi (doi: 10.14425/00.76.08)

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Shamsuri Juhari


Statistics indicate that demographically, Singapore's minority Malay community, unlike the other ethnic groups in the small multicultural, multi-religious island-state, has yet to 'mature' and contribute fully to the country's economy. A subsequent argument is thus made on the need to ensure that learners from the community be developed in the best possible way so as to maximise their potential capacity and thus value-add to the nation's growth. A discussion on the various issues affecting Malay educational attainment is made as preface to the ensuing review of past programmes undertaken by local Malay organisations to improve the situation. The article will conclude by proposing further approaches to collectively raise the educational attainment of the ethnic group.


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