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Journal of Al-Tamaddun is an international refereed academic journal published by the Department of Islamic History And Civilization, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. The Journal started with one issue per year, but now it is published biannually from 2012 onward (in June and December). Among of its aims is to be a platform for academicians to contribute and share their research works and writings regarding Islamic history and civilization. Furthermore, it aims to foster excellent research particularly in this area. It is a peer review and open access journal. It publishes articles and research papers pertaining history, civilization, thought, system and development from Islamic perspective in Malay, English and Arabic. The Journal is indexed by Emerging Sources Citation Index, Index Islamicus, EBSCOhost, UlrichsWeb, Open J-Gate, DOAJ, Malaysian Citation Index (MyCITE), Asean Citation Index (ACI) and Scopus.

Vol. 19 No. 1 (2024)

Published: June 30, 2024

Religion and Its Position in the Society: A Critical Study on Rudolf Carnap’s Thoughts

1-8 Supriyanto Supriyanto

Analyzing 1937 AD Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange through the Hispano-Arab-Islamic Mecca Pilgrimage

9-23 Pablo Rosser (Corresponding Author); Seila Soler

What Made a Place Holy in Early Islam? An Inquiry into Meaning and Doctrinal Modalities

25-46 Essam Ayyad

Religious Moderation in the Context of Integration between Religion and Local Culture in Indonesia

47-59 Moh. Ashif Fuadi (Corresponding Author); Abd Faishol, Andi Arif Rifa'i, Yunika Triana, Rustam Ibrahim

Pertempuran Rusia-Uthmaniyah 1877-1878 dan Impaknya terhadap Muslim Bulgaria

The Battle of Russo-Ottoman 1877-1878 and Its Impact on Muslims in Bulgaria

61-74 Azlizan Mat Enh

The Influence and Adaptation of Observatories in Islamic Civilization: A Case of Malaysia

75-91 Mohd Hafiz Safiai (Corresponding Author); Salmah Abu Hasan, Mohd Saifullah Dimyati, Ahmad Ibrahim Azam, Ezad Azraai Jamsari, Wilfred De Graaf

Diplomatic Ties between the Ottoman Empire and the Malay Sultanate from the 14th to the 19th Centuries

93-103 Syaimak Ismail (Corresponding Author); Muhammad Saiful Islam, Noor Syahidah Mohamad Akhir, Azhar Abdul Rahman

The Wali-Songo and (Western) Historiography: A Critical Review of a Methodological Achievement

105-119 Jazilus Sakhok; Asep Nahrul Musadad (Corresponding Author)

Historical Reality as an Integral System in the Context of the Development of Kazakh Culture and Islamic Traditions

121-131 Bakyt Aitbayeva (Corresponding Author); Sayagul Karybaeva, Almaz Mirzahmetov, Kamzhat Toleubayeva, Ainash Zharmaganbetova

The phenomenon of Jihad: Historical Transformation and Modern Interpretation

133-144 Zhalgas Askhatuly (Corresponding Author); Aina Kabylova, Saira Shamakhay, Muratbek Myrzabekov, Balzhan Kalemshariv

Mobilizing Intolerance: Teungku Dayah (Ulama) and Religious Discourse in Aceh, Indonesia

145-156 Ismail Fahmi Arrauf Nasution, T. Wildan, M. Anzaikhan; Ahmad Faidi (Corresponding Author)

The Practice of Islamic Traditions among the Bugis in Bali

157-169 Mustolehudin Mustolehudin (Corresponding Author); Nur Laili Noviani, Siti Muawanah, Joko Haryanto, Zakiyah Zakiyah, Umi Muzayanah

Discourse on the Extended Meaning of Shahada: A Cognitive-Pragmatic Approach

171-180 Hasanuddin Chaer; Ahmad Sirulhaq (Corresponding Author); Abdul Rasyad, Djamil Abduracman Malik

The Epistemology of Ta’dib in Islamic Civilizational Discourse: Reviving and Reconstructing Contemporary Muslim Scholars' Views

181-197 Husni Husni (Corresponding Author); Walter Hayden

Intellectual Background of Ibn Badis and His Contribution on Societal Change in Algeria, 1913-1940

199-214 Youcef Bensala, Abdul Karim Ali; Shuaibu Umar Gokaru (Corresponding Author); Mohamed Cherif Benaouali

Sejarah, Perkembangan dan Revolusi Pertanian Dalam Tamadun Islam serta Kaitannya Dengan Zaman Moden

History, Development and Revolution of Agriculture in Islamic Civilization and Their Relevance to Modern Times

215-234 Raihan Ismil; Madiha Baharuddin (Corresponding Author); Siti Solehah Mohd Lutfi

Absattar Haji Derbisali and the Importance of His Works for the Development of Islamic Studies in Kazakhstan

235-246 Dinara Zhanabergenova; Nurlan Kairbekov (Corresponding Author)

Determination of Hijri Calendar in Islamic History and Its Criteria in Southeast Asia

247-259 A. Jusran Kasim (Corresponding Author); Ahmad Abbas, Nurul Adhha, Iin Mutmainnah

Maritime Activities of the Demak Sultanate: Shipping and Trade Route in the Nusantara Network (1478-1546)

261-272 Wildhan Ichzha Maulana (Corresponding Author); Cornelius Bayu Astana, Finna Wijayanti, Dyah Kumalasari

Islamization of the Term “清真” (Qing Zhen): Its Analysis for Purity and Authenticity for Muslim in China

273-295 Yongbao Wang

A Comprehensive Appraisal of the Movements aiming at Fostering Sirah Studies in British India during 1857-1947 CE

297-309 Hafiz Muhammad Naeem (Corresponding Author); Faisal @ Ahmad Faisal Abdul Hamid, Ahmad Yussuf, Muhammad Umair Raouf

The Strategic Role of Islamic Kingdoms in Aceh in the 18th and 19th Centuries: The Case of Trade in Kuala Batee and Trumon

311-334 Inayatillah Inayatillah (Corresponding Author); Putri Rahmawati, S Suryadi, Ramli Ramli, Muhajir Al Fairusy, Jovial Pally Taran, Ade Kurniawan

Multiculturalism, Islamophobia and the Muslim Minority in Australia: A Reflection

335-353 Herdi Sahrasad (Corresponding Author); Muhammad Amin Nurdin, Mai Dar, Rachmat Baihaky

الأدب الفلسطيني وسيلة لاسترداد حرية القدس

Palestinian Literature as a Mean of Recapturing the Freedom of al-Quds

355-367 Nur Farhana Mohamad Zainol; Rahmah Ahmad H. Osman (Corresponding Author)
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