Synthesis of C-Methyl Flavones

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Leong, G.K
Mohamed Adib A
Ahmad F


Flavonoids possesss interesting biological actions. Some C-alkylated favonoids have been isolated from natural sources. In the present investigation, we have synthesised C-methyl flavones from m-cresol. Acetylationof m-cresol has afforded m-cresyl acetate. Fries rearrangement of m-cresyl acetate with AlCl₃ at 185°C afforded only monoacetyl cresol, which was identified as 2-hydroxy-4-methylacetophenone. Condensation of 2-hydroxy-4-methylacetophenone with anisaldehyde gave 2-hydroxy-4'-methoxy-4-methylchalcone which on oxidative cyclisation with SeO₂ gave 4'-methoxy-7-methylflavone. The structures of the pure compounds were identified by spectroscopic techniques.


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G.K, L., Adib A, M., & F, A. (2005). Synthesis of C-Methyl Flavones. Malaysian Journal of Science, 24(1), 173–176. Retrieved from
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