Greening STEM: A Theoretical Exploration for the Malaysian Context

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Aai Sheau Yean
Suzieleez Syrene Abdul Rahim


This theoretical piece explores the frame of mind required for a Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) education in an uncertain time. Predominantly argued from an epistemic standpoint, this paper analyses the relationship between environment, anthropomorphism, the essence of education, and our presumed mastery of nature. In the attempt to envision and realise a form of STEM education with sustainability as a frame of mind that would befit Malaysia, National Wildlife Foundation’s Green STEM; Bybee’s STEM Literacy; and Bonnett’s idea of sustainability were explored. Through the exploration, a possible frame of mind for Green STEM that could facilitate learning and challenge the status quo of being emerges. Ultimately a STEM education with sustainability as a frame of mind is meant to encourage discussion and exploration of issues as it arises rather than being prescriptive. It is hoped that through such an educational approach, we will eventually arrive at a more harmonious way of being.


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