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Volume 3, Issue 2

Multicultural Learning Partnerships in The Cafe: Integrating ICT into Transnational Tertiary Education in Australia Using the Collaborative Application for Education (doi: 10.14425/00.73.59)
Josh McCarthy, University of South Australia

The Challenge of Comparing Fluid Categories: Race and Class in Educational Research (doi: 10.14425/00.73.60)
Liz Jackson, University of Hong Kong

Education for Sustainable Development in Malaysia's National Curriculum Reformation: A Theoretical Exploration (doi: 10.14425/00.73.61)
Aai Sheau Yean, University of Bristol

Advancing Life Projects: South African Students Explain Why They Come to FET Colleges (doi: 10.14425/00.73.63)
Lesley Powell and Simon McGrath, University of Nottingham

Book Review: Comparative Education Research: Approaches and Methods (2nd edition) (doi: 10.14425/00.73.64)
Noel McGinn, Harvard University



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