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Volume 5, Issue 2

Convergence on Policy Goals: Character Education in East Asia and England (doi: 10.14425/jice.2016.5.2.59)
James Arthur, University of Birmingham

Malaysia's Education Policies and the Law of Unintended Consequences (doi: 10.14425/jice.2016.5.2.73)
Kee-Cheok Cheong, University of Malaya; Christopher Hill, British University, Dubai; Yin-Ching Leong, HELP College of Arts and Technology

The Role of Vocational Education and Training in Palestine in Addressing Inequality and Promoting Human Development (doi: 10.14425/jice.2016.5.2.87)
Randa Hilal, University of Nottingham and OPTIMUM for Consultancy and Training, Palestine; Simon McGrath, University of Nottingham and University of the Western Cape

Understanding 'Education for All' in Contexts of Extreme Poverty: Experiences from Burkina Faso (doi: 10.14425/jice.2016.5.2.103)
Guillaume Charvon, ATD Fourth World-US; Elaine Chase, University College London

Book Review: Preventing Human Trafficking: Education and NGOs in Thailand (doi: 10.14425/jice.2016.5.2.115)
Christa Foster Crawford, Independent Anti-Trafficking Scholar and Consultant, Thailand

Book Review: Researching Private Supplementary Tutoring: Methodological Lessons from Diverse Cultures (doi: 10.14425/jice.2016.5.2.117)
Jason Tan, National Institute of Education, Singapore



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